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The official site of the Mitsubishi MU-2. 
This site provides the most current and accurate information and news regarding this popular high performance aircraft.  Whether you're a member of the media researching the MU-2, an owner/operator looking for the most recent updates, a prospective purchaser or an interested party, is your online resource for the latest information.

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NTSB Safety Recommendation:  This recommendation addresses checklist usage in Mitsubishi MU-2B series airplanes.  Click here


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Members of the media interested in high resolution photos of the MU-2 in flight or on the ground see below.

Grace On Wings Winter 2014 Newsletter
MU-2 Probable Cause Leaves Key Questions Unanswered
Barrington Irving Dream & Soar Program continues to Speak to Students
Kensuke Takeuchi Named General Manager of MHIA Aircraft Product Support Division

Many things have been said about the MU-2. 
Much of it stems from myths surrounding the operation and performance of the aircraft. 
We have examined these myths as reported in the media, as well as the aviation community, and herein present the facts.